Update: 2/11/21

The Church Council has decided to return to in person worship. 

Masks and Social Distancing are still encouraged. 

We will continue to post online services for those who can not yet join us.


In person worship on Sundays resumes Feb. 21st at 9 am

We will also begin our Lenten Services on

Wednesdays at 7pm starting Feb 17.

We will continue to monitor the number of Covid-19 Cases in our area. 

(More details can be found here.)


We are grateful for your patience as we navigate

how best to love our neighbor.


 Our online content will continue to be posted

to our Facebook and YouTube pages. 

We are praying that you and your family stay safe and find ways to encounter 

the hope and love of this holy season.


Pastor Jesse Letourneau

Salem UCC, Westphalia, IN